Paradise Poker

Paradise Poker is an action packed poker room and most people consider it the best card room on the Internet. It was the second major room to open after Planet Poker and was the first to offer games besides hold-em. The game client and lobby are excellent, the variety of games offered is excellent, the variety of limits is excellent, the tournament schedule is excellent, tech support is good and security is good.

Pardise Poker offer various promotions from time to time and offers a 25% deposit bonus to new players. Paradise Poker is constantly improving their software and you can expect them to be a leader in the online poker industry for a long time to come.

The games client is excellent. The games run smooth and fast. The graphics are pleasant and easy on the eyes. The lobby is easy to navigate and includes all needed game details: hands per hour, average pot size, number of player seats open and the wait. From the lobby you will easily find links to tech support, banking, your account and links to various items if interest on the website. The game includes all the bells and whistles including chat, player notes and statistics as well as a rather fun drink and food menu were you can order virtually any virtual drink or snack that you would care to virtually consume. The buttons are logical and work as expected. Left clicking on the dealers bank brings up options for buying more chips, changing the deck, request for all in reset, requesting a hand history and help files done in a standard windows interface that is easy to use if you have ever used any other windows program. Overall the software is a pleasure to play.

Hold-em, seven card stud, seven card stud eight or better, Omaha, Omaha eight or better, five card stud, pineapple and five card draw are all offered for real and play money. Limits range from $0.50/$1.00 too $20.00/$40.00 with small blind pot limit and no Limit Hold-em and Omaha. All tournaments are single table freeze outs with buy-ins that range from $5.00 to $100.00. They also offer head up freeze out no-limit hold-em tournaments with buy-ins up to $200.00

Tech support is good with email support. They have an extensive help file that covers everything that is easily accessible from the game or the lobby.

Shuffle security is good. Paradise poker uses a strong cryptographic PRNG. They use a huge seed size that contains 2016 possible bits of entropy. I would rate the security as excellent except that Paradise Poker gathers data to add entropy to the seed from outside of a closed system in the way of mouse position and key clicks from players logged on to the server, and from the CPU clock. (The CPU clock is only good for about 20 bits of entropy [a million possibilities: CPU clocks theoretically clicking in milliseconds], can have flaws that make the amount of entropy unpredictable and is rather insecure.) Their explanation of the security used for the shuffle is good, contains most of the details needed and is suggested as a good primer.