PokerMet Sponsored Live Poker Night At IIT Ropar’s Advitiya’18 Fest Proved A Great Success

A Luscious campus in the outskirts of the city Ropar was where PokerMet team landed to host its Live Poker Night and the response was overwhelming! There were more than 200+ registrations for the eventThe annual festival of IIT Ropar, named Advitiya 18 happened this year in March from 23rd till 25th and M.P hall was the dedicated venue for Pokermet tournament. The tournament was open for all – students, staff, administration and the outsiders who had come to be part of the main event.

PokerMet aimed at spreading awareness about this esport, alter the stigma attached with the game and the various cognitive benefits the game offers to its players.

Details of the Tournament

Day-1 started with full zeal with Team PokerMet dressing up with PokerMet t-shirts and smiles on their faces with poker chips and playing cards in hand, entering the beautiful premises of IIT Ropar and all set to host for Live event. The event started at 7:30 after a brief session on game basics, poker rules, poker terminology etc., and the same ended at 1 Pm midnight. Well, they definitely lost the track of time being this engrossed!

Day-2 saw a lot of well prepped players and seemed far more confident reaching second day of the tournament which too started in the evening around 7:30 PM and went till 10 PM followed by prize giving ceremony. There were more than 200 students who registered for the game but top 9 were awarded.

Winner Awards

Top 3 Winners got certificates from Team PokerMet acknowledging their time spend and support for the game. Top 5 were got technology products sponsored by Zebronics. Top 9 got Advitiya t-shirts sponsored by IIT-Ropar.

Gift Partner

Zebronics, a leading brand in computer peripherals and multi-media industry was the official gifting partner for PokerMet live event winners.

Other Events

A list of other entertainers that were part of this event include RJ Naved and Samar Singla for Day-1, Day-2 was booked for DJ-Ray and Divyanshu Damani and Day-3 was covered by Hardy Sandhu and Biswas Kalyan Rath. And for the studious ones, there was this innovation competition, where students had to showcase their latest robotics designs.

A statement from one of the students “an amazing experience, I never knew that poker was this interesting.”Well, We certainly hope they do!

Team PokerMet gives a big thanks to Team Advitiya for being such a good support and hopes to be part of them next year as well.