3 Crazy Reasons Why You Should Join The Party At Sri Lanka With PokerMet

Poker games are undoubtedly rewarding when played with all efforts and calculations. A game of strategy and calculation – Poker – needs concentration, perfection and judgement of time. Both online and live games are famous among the Poker lovers. PokerMet offers the players with exciting offers at exotic locations. Play poker online to win a chance to play cash tables at Sri Lanka.

After the Winter Kings League’s 12 tourneys, we decided to take the final top nine players to Sri – Lanka for the final tables. We also hosted another big event – Lankan Dream – on April 1st. the final table of this event is due at Sri Lanka as well. If you weren’t a part of the aforesaid events, you still have the chance to be a part of this celebration. Deposit 30k with code – SL 30 and join us at Sri Lanka. Let’s take a look at the crazy reasons that make this celebration something worth cherishing:

  1. Get Free Accommodation and Flight Expenses: Rewards are huge and worth your investment when it comes to playing tourneys at PokerMet. The eligible top 9 finalists will be sent to Sri – Lanka for the final tale and the expenses of stay ad flight ticket is the responsibility of us! Our registration is open and to visit the place you just need to deposit 30k and play cash tables at the exotic location.
  2. Gain Poker Experience Like Never Before: Play the poker cash tables with experienced players and bag an experience like never before. The reduced cost of the tourney entry fees invites many professional players who otherwise could not match up with the schedule of the previous tourneys. This means if you are a new player you will be able to learn a lot of things and get to watch the pro players playing thus improving your games.
  3. Play The Tables at Exotic Place:

The island of Sri Lanka defines beauty and perfectly describes the best that a poker player might look forward to. The trip to Sri – Lanka is just the icing on the cake for the poker players who are interested in the games and visiting a perfect weekend destination at the same time. So, what are you waiting for pack your bags and get ready for the adventure that you will cherish all your life?

Apart from the aforesaid points there remains another major reason that makes visiting Sri – Lanka a boon for Poker Players – they need to pay a minimum amount and can be a part of the huge tourney with lump sum GTD for the players to collect.

Keep following us for more poker contents and play poker online tourneys that heightens your adrenaline rush! PokerMet also offers freerolls which will help you earn real cash without investing anything. Try playing poker online at our site and gain an experience like never before!