Poker Room isn’t just another poker room because they also have Blackjack, Baccarat and now Chinese Poker. This makes it a great place for people who love to play poker and blackjack. All games have a Java based option.

Poker Room is a web based room with the recent addition of a downloadable client. The games selection is rated good, limits excellent, tournaments good, client good, tech support good and security lackin.

The clients all rate good. There are some minor graphics issues. Since the games are web based as a Java console one can play with any computer running Unix, Mac or Windows.

There are actually six separate clients. The original client that hosts only the limit Hold-em comes in three flavors, a downloadable version, a “lite” web based version and a 3-d web based version. Poker Four is the version that hosts the no limit and pot limit Hold-em games. Poker Four can be played from a web based java console on any OS. Then finally there is the client that hosts single and multi player tournaments. There is a lite and a 3-d versions of this java console. Each client limits game choices to the games offered in that client, this has the effect of making the lobbies very straight forward and easy to navigate. The Java consoles make the games available to any computer.

The drawback to the java console is that to keep download times reasonable some of the frills such as player notes and statistics are impractical. Poker four the downloadable version available only for Hold’em games does have notes and statistics. But you should know that there are some nuances with some of the textual feedback. Buttons for play out of turn are well done. The games move along at a fairly good pace although not as fast as some of the other card rooms.

Tournament selection is good with single and multi table venues. Regularly scheduled multi tournaments are an excellent bargain. Two regularly scheduled free rolls daily cost 205 play money chips. There is a one-dollar buy-in tournament with $2,500.00 added to the pool on Saturdays. There is a daily 20.00 buy-in tournament.

Tech support is available through forms on the website. There is good documentation in the way of a FAQ on the website.

A response to an email asking about their seed source, size of seed and PRNG was partially answered. They use SecureRandom class, part of the Java 2 Standard Edition package. This is the PRNG. But there is one problem with this PRNG for poker. It contains 64 bits of entropy. It’s not enough to account for all possible ways to shuffle a deck.