Pacific Poker

The client at Pacific Poker is rated as lacking, games lacking, limits excellent, tournaments none, tech support lacking and security lacking.

The client at Pacific Poker is pretty to look at but has some glaring flaws that make the game not really fun to play. The first problem is that there is only one window, within that window you can switch views to the lobby or a second game. This makes playing two games at once virtually impossible and completely unadvisable for real money. The games runs very slow. Animations, bad logic, confusing interface all work together to bring the game to a crawl. Player stats are absent, and the chat window is the only thing that opens in a different window. The results of each hand, IE who won and with what, are displayed for a few seconds and then gone. The lobby is well laid out with all relevant game info.

Games are lacking because they offer only stud, Hold-em and Omaha. They do not offer Stud 8 or better or Omaha 8 or better. Limits are good ranging from five and Ten Cents up to $20/$40. They may also offer Pot Limit and No Limit for rather large blinds. (See Note)

Tech support is lacking because the help button takes you to the website to a page full of deposit icons, where you then need to follow another link to the page with email only tech support.

Shuffle security is rated lacking because there is only a very small amount of information on the site. Just a mention that the PRNG is MD5, this is a reference to the one-way hash used to make an encryptically safe PRNG. It is not the name or vendor of the PRNG. They tell us nothing.

I should also like to note that I have no ideal if this room has any kind of real money action. You cannot watch real money tables without logging in again. My success rate for logging on to Pacific Poker is about 20%. I gave up sorry. I had to shut the game down using ctrl-alt-del. If something improves at Pacific Poker Please email me and I will revisit.